This time, I will explain three major differences.

1.  Feeling (touch)

The print hand towel depends on the area of the print ink, but the more the printed part, the darker the print color, the crisper the surface of the hand towel fabric (easily stated). It looks like a shirt that you sent out for cleaning and came back).
On the other hand, this dyed hand towel (injection dyeing) does not use pigment ink and is washed with water in the final process, so even if the design has color as a whole, the surface of the fabric becomes hard like a printed hand towel. not.


2. Expressiveness of design

Since the printed towel is printed using a mold (plate) called silk screen, even detailed designs can be expressed firmly.
* Lines and dots that are too thin, 1mm or less, may disappear.
On the other hand, with the main dyed tenugui (injection dyed tenugui), there is a high possibility that lines and dots of 2mm or less will be crushed or lost. Besides, I am not good at multicolor design and gradation in the manufacturing process.


3. The back of the tenugui

Since the printed towel is processed with the image of painting the fabric, the design on the front side may show through to the back side, but the color does not develop well on the back side.
On the other hand, the main dyed tenugui (injection dyed tenugui) pours the dye into the fabric and allows it to penetrate, so the reverse design of the front surface appears on the back side.


There are other minor differences, but they are roughly divided into the above three points.

Neither is better.