“What is the best way to wash a tenugui ?”

We are often asked the questions.


In conclusion, it's definitely a hand wash. By hand-washing, you can wash it more gently than a washing machine, and it will be less likely to get caught in other clothes and fray or tear.

Is the washing machine absolutely NG?

We recommend hand washing at first. After that, you can wash it with other colors, but if you want to keep it for a long time, we recommend you to wash it by hand.

Is it better to dry in the shade after washing?

It may cause sunburn, so please dry it in the shade with the wrinkles smoothed out.
The major cause of discoloration is either sunburn or detergent.

Is normal detergent useless?

Yes, many modern detergents contain bleach, which has a strong detergency and is prone to discoloration. The best thing to do is to make soapy water by dissolving a small amount of soap in water in a tub and gently wash your hands.

Is it okay to iron?

You don't even need an iron. It is enough to smooth out the wrinkles and dry in the shade.
If you want to make your tenugui last longer, it's best to go through each process carefully.