Compatibility between tenugui and forehead

Today is a suggestion to use a towel for the interior.

There is a quick way to do it when you want to redecorate your room.

Move the sofa to change the position or renew the wallpaper? That's fine, but there is a way to change the mood without spending too much money.

How about putting a painting in a frame and decorating it?

Paintings change the atmosphere of the room.

It feels good to decorate your favorite paintings! This painting is good for a while, but it's a hassle when I want to replace a new painting. I'm worried about where to put it away.

I have a hard time storing it.


How about putting a towel in the frame instead of this painting at such times?

The tenugui can be folded and stored, so you can remove it from your forehead without worrying about the location.
Besides, it's 100% cotton so you can wash it right away.
And, like paintings, you can choose a towel that suits your taste from many designs.

There are two ways to put out the pattern of the tenugui, "print" and "main dyeing". The feature of printed tenugui is that the pattern comes out neatly in every detail. At first glance it looks like a painting.

On the other hand, this dyed tenugui has some wrinkles and bleeding, so you can feel a soft and relaxed atmosphere. The main dyeing is "comfort". The main dyed tenugui pattern is characterized by many repeat patterns.

It is an auspicious pattern (auspicious pattern) with the wish that good things will continue in a calm situation.

This is a traditional Japanese pattern. How about decorating the interior of the room with such auspicious auspicious patterns in each season?

Plum pattern in January. Cherry blossoms in March. In the summer, it makes me feel calm to decorate with Kanze water and seasonal auspicious patterns in the frame.

Try using the towel in this frame to change the room or atmosphere.